The emergency department is the gateway of the hospital. With over 95% of inpatient admissions originating from the emergency department at St. Joseph Hospital, it is a challenging and dynamic environment. Timely and effective care in hospital emergency departments is essential for providing high-quality clinical care to our patients.

St. Joseph Hospital’s emergency department (then known as New Island Hospital) was relocated from the rear of the building in 2001 to our current 41,120 square foot, two-story addition that also houses the operating rooms and central sterile supply on the second floor. Located on the first floor is the emergency department, clinical decision unit (CDU), registration and ambulatory surgery unit.

Over the years, St. Joseph Hospital’s emergency department total visits have increased significantly. Total visits in 1999 were 18,659 compared to 34,000 in 2018. Due to the increase in census over the years, 15 additional bays will be added for a total of 63. On any given month, the ED at St. Joseph Hospital is the second or third busiest within Catholic Health Services and also has evolved into the main transfer hub to our tertiary care centers. The centralized location of St. Joseph Hospital and the closing of other community hospitals in the area over the last fifteen years has created an environment where St. Joseph Hospital’s ED is the delivery point of choice for Nassau County and volunteer EMS departments.

To date, no major renovations have been done to this area. As a result, there is a need for increased capacity, improved patient flow/efficiency, modernization, enriched quality, enhanced privacy, safety and security upgrades and environmental sustainability.

An $8 million investment is necessary to address the current and future needs of our community. The assessment of need is based on current and anticipated volume. The renovation will help create a better patient experience by reducing emergency wait times and improving patient flow so we can continue to focus on treating patients’ emergencies. The enhanced patient flow will allow for quicker ED door-to-bed time for all our patients.

All proceeds will be used for the emergency department renovation.